iPhone DevTeam Calls it Quits

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iPhone DevTeam Calls it Quits


The premier iPhone hacking group has announced an immediate withdrawal from the iPhone development arena.


The group posted a statement on their site explaining their reasons for moving on. Criticism of the validity of their work in the press caused some members to cease work and others to reconsidering their position.


Today the group was approached by an anonymous party seeking to purchase their intellectual property and applications. The group accepted the deal.


As of now, the Pwnage Tool will not be released to the masses.


Good luck DevTeam members, we will miss your hard work.


UPDATE: According to Erica at Tuaw this is an April Fools' joke. HAHA...ahem.





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April Fools?!?

You guys are a day early, unless you live in the Middle East or something.

Or is that just part of the "joke"?

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