iPhone Firmware 2.0 Images

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iPhone Firmware 2.0 Images


Engadget got their hands on the hacked iPhone 2.0 firmware and has posted a gallery of the device in various states of 2.0 (still stated as 1.2 in the About pane) sexiness.



Notable additions include, the App Store button that goes no where, the ability to delete multiple emails, Exchange support, you can reorder your saved Wi-Fi networks and parental controls to keep little Timmy off the YouTube.


Oh, still no copy and paste. Arghhh!





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What... no more you tube?



Image 4, please tell me Cisco VPN access is coming to the iPod touch soon. Love my touch but can't use it while I'm on campus because we have to connect through a cisco VPN. An already great gadget would be even more useful!


Roberto Baldwin

Cisco VPN will be in there.




how about tilt screen on any screen or app? i'm sick and tired of having to type emails and text messages on the tiny keyboard.

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