iPhone Firmware Update and Flying Gets Friendlier

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iPhone Firmware Update and Flying Gets Friendlier


iPhone Firmware: An article from French CNet is making the rounds concerning iPhone firmware 1.1.3. The alleged update could appear in software update as early as this weekend. The update is rumored to bring disk mode and voice recording. Whether the update disables Jailbreak has yet to be reported.


Apple shares may surge by 34 percent: A Bear Sterns analyst predicts the price of Apple stock to hit $249. The prediction is based on better-than-expected demand for Macs from Asia. Shareholders are expected to dance in the streets.


Defective restocking fee: Reason number 342 to buy your iPhone from the Apple Store instead of an AT&T retailer. AT&T charged a guy $39 to exchange his defective iPhone. We didn't know defective items were restocked.


Fly and surf: While the Mac|Life staff is dead set against mobile phone use on airplanes, we're giddy as school girls to learn that begining December 11, Jet Blue, in collaboration with Yahoo and RIM, will be offering free Wi-Fi on selected flights. Get ready to fire up WOW on that San Francisco to New York flight.




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