iPhone First Look: 5 Observations

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iPhone First Look: 5 Observations


Here are five quick, random observations based on about 10 minutes of fiddling with the iPhone after activating it.


1. Typing in passwords, especially long ones, is a pain. Just as in Safari on your Mac (or, ahem, PC), when typing in passwords, all you see are dots for the characters. When you're getting used to the iPhone's soft keyboard, typing in passwords can be an exercise in frustration, especially when you type the wrong character, have to clear it, then forget where you are in the password, usually leading to the need to start from scratch. At least, with Wi-Fi access, it works the same as connecting on a computer: You only have to type the password in once, even if you leave Safari to do other things on the phone.


2. Browsing takes a little getting used to and feels a bit awkward at first. But text is surprisingly easy to read, especially since you can resize it at will. When we clicked on a link on CNN's website that required Windows Media Player, we encountered a "plugin warning" and couldn't figure out any way to go back to the page we'd come from, except to go all the way back to the original bookmarks folder for News.


This is what I got when I accidentally chose a link that required Flash or some other plug-in on CNN.com. (P.S. The phone and the screen look MUCH better than they do in this photo. It's late, and I didn't feel like messing with the camera to get the perfect shot. If you know of a screen grab utility for the iPhone, please let me know!)


3. The keyboard really is pretty damn smart. I typed "iswf" and it somehow knew I meant "used."


4. Viewing files attached to emails (like Word, etc.) is faster and easier than it is on a Mac. Really.


5. Sometimes the accelerometer doesn't work with email messages and Web pages - at least not right away. (And, of course, it only works in one direction, counter-clockwise to switch from vertical to horizontal and clockwise to switch back.)




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The Second point really make me to think. As i like to browse site on my mobil. I like to play the MP4 video sites and music on my Nokia mobile and if it is having problem than i can come back to the site but if iPhone had problem in returning to last opened page than it is not for me.



Damn, this Error Message looks pretty harsh for a Plugin Error. Would have shocked me to death the first time i see it.

looks like come critical system failure haha



not sure why your acceloramator is only letting you turn it one way. Mine lets me flip it every direction in most apps. I am getting some weird slow down right now typing this though and my backspace key is getting stuck. I'm very impressed with everything right now.

The main thing i don't like is that you can't turn the phone when the keyboard is being displayed. I've had a few crashes on safari and google maps also.



They should take the way that Palm handles passwords. It bullets them out but as you type it in you see the letter you just typed for a second in the textbox before it turns it into a bullet.



Exactly my sentiments on the password issue, especially with long ones. Just entering my WEP info irritated me. Otherwise, my wife is happy as a clam with her new iPhone.



Interesting observations, still makes me want an iPhone.

I had not thought about the password issue before. Not sure if I would want my passwords stored on such a mobile device though...

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