iPhone Heist, Microsoft Admits Office 2008 Issue and Build Your Own Apple Store

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iPhone Heist, Microsoft Admits Office 2008 Issue and Build Your Own Apple Store


Crime doesn't pay: The allure of the iPhone was too much for a pair of Nassau County truckers. The pair were dispatched to pick up a crate of iPhones and decided that stealing was better than shipping. They replaced the pilfered iPhones with reams of paper.


When their boss was questioned he said, "It's funny you should be asking about them. They just resigned."


They were charged with conspiracy and felony grand larceny.


MBU snafu: The Office 2008 installer gives admin access to guests within OS X. Whoops.


Apple's perestroika: An initiative to bring Apple products to Russia will be difficult according to the Moscow Times. Right now the small Apple market consists mainly of professionals and the technically minded. It sounds like the early 90's here in the United States.


Apple Store design breakdown: If your home doesn't have the same impact on you that the Apple retail does you might want to consider making a few design modifications. Design site, Object and its users, have ranked Apple store design elements to help you achieve Apple Store nirvana at home.


Anyone seen some iPhones lying around?: A quick check of Apple's iPhone sales number and it's carriers numbers shows a gap 1.3 million missing iPhones. Now we could blame those two truck drivers but they only snagged 300 iPhones. Either the phones are being unlocked or everyone should look under their couch when they get home. Just in case.


Don't sell yet: If you've been spending your days watching Apple stock take a dive within the iPhones stock app, Morgan Stanley's advice, not to bet against Apple, isn't helping your 401k. Still, the investment firm points to the amount of money poured into Apple's R&D division. They expect product refreshes late Spring/Summer.


And Finally: iPhone rockin'.




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I know about 20 iPhones unlocked, from people taking them overseas or giving as a gift for people that has no clue how the iPhone works.



A family members currently lives in Dubai UAE, and was telling me that "jailbroken" iPhones are selling lot hot cakes over there for around $800 USD. and the buyer has to sign a note stating that the seller will not be held responsible for bricked phones if they run software update through iTunes.

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