iPhone in the Land Down Under, Leopard Security and the Google Phone

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iPhone in the Land Down Under, Leopard Security and the Google Phone


G'day iPhone: Australian teleco, Telstra, has been in talks with Apple concerning the launch of the iPhone in Australia. A company spokesman has confirmed that Telstra is testing the device. Expect iPhone commercials with this tag line, "That's not a phone, this is a phone." Oh Crocodile Dundee, how we miss you.


Paint it black: Modder paints iPhone black and replaces home key with old school Apple logo. Funniest part, he was trying to lower the attention he gets from having the iPhone in Holland.


Apple security: The security experts are already picking Leopard apart. Library Randomisation is taking the brunt of the criticism this time. This is probably why there are so many Mac exploits, oh wait, never mind.


In other security news, Apple has released a new version of the Xcode Developer Tools that plugs three security holes. The holes could have allowed a local attacker superuser privileges.


Leopard first adopter blues: Some Leopard early adopters are encountering issues with the updated OS. As stated before, our advice, wait until 10.5.1 is available before upgrading.


Still waiting: The Google Phone and/or Google Phone operating system, are only weeks away, reportedly. Google has declined to comment on the alleged phone.


Retail tell-all: Author Alex Frankel, spent two years on the retail front line, including a stint at our favorite store.


And finally: Like chumps, we've just been writing with our pens. Check out the art of Japanese pen spinning.




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Did I miss an announcement about the upgraded Macbook graphics card? It had been rumored to be coming, but I didn't hear any official word. Regardless, can I sue Apple because I recently purchased a Macbook with the old card? hehe.



That's just great. Put the best phone on the worst restricted network to be charged at the highest rate. If Telstra does get the iPhone contract it will be a guarantee of a rise in Aussies buying unlocked phones.

That being said, unless the phone is 3G by the time of release (to run on Telstra's Next G) then I reckon a lot of people will hold out.

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