iPhone Insurance, Apple Premium Sales and Uncle Sam Wants its Chips

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iPhone Insurance, Apple Premium Sales and Uncle Sam Wants its Chips


iPhone insurance: If you're irked that AT&T doesn't offer insurance on the iPhone, or any other smartphone for that matter, you're not alone. Well, that may be coming to an end if a random forum posting is to be believed. For $4.99 you can finally have the piece of mind that insurance brings to your iPhone dropping ways.


Apple rises to the occasion: Apple's sales of $1000+ Macs are growing while sales of Windows machines in the same price range are flat, according to research firm NPD. The study concluded that Apple's market share of the "premium" category is 66 percent. The Apple Retail Stores are cited as the reason for the growth.


Apple -- reporting for duty: Apple's purchase of PA Semi has brought with it strange bedfellows. Originally, PA Semi had informed its customers that it would no longer support its processors due to the acquisition. One of those customers happened to be the United States, who uses the chips in missiles, mine-sweeping gear and storage boxes. PA Semi has now informed customers that it will indeed offer long-term support of its chips. We're sure it had nothing to do with troop movement in Cupertino.




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Here's another option for iPhone protection:




at&t will not insure the iphone. it will be $4.99/mo, $50 deductible on all phones and pda's, excluding iPhone. The deductible will increase to $120 for pda's/smartphones, in November.



My first comment in regards to this report: "smarthphone" doesn't really sound smart....

My next: any object that has AT&T and Apple as parent companies is doomed to be a money gobbling life sentence into a contract that has more clauses than a gift shop on Christmas.

I love Apple's products, however their customer service, and AT&T's as well, could do with a few less service fee's an a little more American Spirit.

To Apple: Athens called, they want their pedestal back.


Roberto Baldwin


That's what happens when I write directly in the cms.

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