iPhone: Just a Few More Hours to Go

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iPhone: Just a Few More Hours to Go

Clad in everything from three-piece suits to baggy jeans to clown gear, the nearly 100 people standing in line at the Apple Store in downtown San Francisco this morning around 9:30 all feel fairly confident they'll get their hands on an iPhone this evening. The line now stretches down the block and around the corner.


Still holding down the No. 1 spot is a team of three associates led by Jerry Young, who asked his friend Tanith to sit in line for him last night and this morning while he "takes care of some business." When asked if he plans to buy a phone for himself, Tanith says, "Nah. I can't afford one." So is Jerry paying Tanith for his time? "Let's put it this way: I'll be taken care of." Despite a dead PowerBook battery, Tanith busily taps away on his cell phone, keeping in touch with Jerry from moment to moment.


He may not end up with an iPhone, but Tanith might get his 15 minutes of fame.


Almost all of the line standers we ask say they plan to buy an iPhone for themselves plus one, which they plan to sell on eBay. When asked if he thinks he can get a premium on the auction site, one optimist says, "Oh yeah. Someone offered me $300 to stand in line for him!" Of course, once they're for sale on Apple's online store starting at 6 p.m. Pacific Time, that largesse may disappear.


The clowns of Peepshow Minigolf - who last night insisted as they waved paper iPhone cutouts that they didn't need to buy phones because they already had them - this morning admitted that they all plan to make an iPhone purchase. Whether they'll keep them for themselves or sell them to the highest bidder seems uncertain.


The theme today among the Peepshow Minigolf clowns is very large hats.


So what was it like sleeping on the sidewalk in downtown San Francisco? "There were a lot of drunk people" out on the streets at 3 a.m., Tanith tells us. Since he couldn't sleep anyway, the drunkards kept him entertained.


Jumbolina, one of the clowns, says she thinks some of the line standers went a little crazy in the middle of the night too. Around 3 a.m. there was an outbreak of cartwheels and people "bouncing off the walls."


When asked how many people they thought were in line at about 9:30 a.m., the folks at the very end say, "about 70?" We tell them it's more like 100, since some of the singles in line represent more than one person. They aren't worried, since they figure it's a good bet San Francisco's flagship Apple Store will stock at least a couple hundred iPhones.


These folks joined the iPhone line Friday morning, figuring they were golden. With around 90 people ahead of them, they probably are.




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Seems as if everyone and there mother are selling iPhones on ebay. By my count over 1000 auctions so far. A few auctions have skyrocketed (one is over 60k, the next at 1500) but most are about retail price as of now. A lot of people are posting the phones as "Buy it Now" items asking 800-1500 for them. I'd say if you somehow missed the chance to get one, odds are good that you'll be able to find one on ebay at a premium. If you're a seller on the west coast, you may have missed the boat (not that you'd be reading this comment in time).



All of this is horrible when you live in North Dakota, where there are no apple or at&t stores within 300 miles or any at&t coverage.



Not to make fun of other people's religions, but I almost found it humorous that there is a mormonism add on a website focus about Apple stuff. How much more random can you get?

Regardless, I guess somebody's gotta pay the bandwidth bill for Mac|Life, and so be it for me to tell the mormons they can't...

; ]



Why is there an ad for mormonism on maclife.com, I find that quite strange. As a matter of fact I am dissapointed to see advertisements takinig up so much of this website. ANNOYING!

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