iPhone Meets Web 2.0: First Look

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iPhone Meets Web 2.0: First Look

We understand why developers might have been disappointed by Apple's announcement at the Worldwide Developers Conference in June that iPhone development would be limited to building Web apps to run in the iPhone's built-in Safari browser. Not being able to truly live on the iPhone - and, in particular, take a coveted spot on the home screen - would come as a blow. (For iPhone users, it's even a drag that you can't customize the home screen by moving its icons around or changing its look and feel, the way you can on a Mac in OS X.)


But there are folks out there not content to complain. Already, there are a number of iPhone apps being developed (and kept track of in various online lists, including the iPhone Application List, iPhoneDevCampApps, and the iPhone Widget List).


And then there's Blue Flavor, which has mixed up a refreshing, ice-cold batch of iPhone lemonade in the form of Leaflets (free, getleaflets.com on a computer or app.getleaflets.com on the iPhone). Blue Flavor, a design, development and consulting company with a focus on new media, didn't even create Leaflets to get rich quick - or at all. When asked how the company plans to make money on the venture (or at least recoup its development costs), Brian Fling, director of strategy, said simply, "We don't have a business plan. We're just putting ourselves out there as a thought leader in Web standards as well as mobile."


The Leaflets home screen looks much better on the iPhone, but this is a photo of the screen...so we ask for your forgiveness!


Props to Blue Flavor, then, because Leaflets is pretty darn cool. What you see on your iPhone when you visit the site is a home screen-like view of the various leaflets available at launch:


> Search. You get more than just Google for regular searches, as well as categories for Local, Reference, and Other. Leaflets search is optimized for speed, which you'll be mighty happy about the next time you need to look up something on Wikipedia and you're stuck browsing on AT&T's EDGE network.


> Feeds. Bummed that the iPhone's version of Safari doesn't do RSS Feeds? Get happy - because with Leaflets, you've got feeds now!


> Newsvine. Get your hot, fresh headlines. (And you can also get this via the New York Times leaflet, which displays the top headlines from the Gray Lady in about a second - compared to the 45 to 60 seconds it can take to load the full NYT website on the iPhone.


> App List. This is one of our favorites and it eliminates the need to visit the sites linked to above that catalog the various iPhone apps that have come out. Check out Featured, which is the Blue Flavor team's faves, including PocketTweets (for Twitter addicts) and Tipr, a handy tip-calculation app that always displays the total as a palindrome (such as $43.34 or $26.62) so you can quickly scan your credit card bills and root out fraud. You can also organize the apps by Top 10, Recent, and Categories. We hope that at some point Leaflets allows us to customize the list with our own favorites.


> Upcoming. Puts your events and those of your friends at your fingertips, allowing you to quickly view venue and time info for the various performances and other events you've scheduled as a member/user of Upcoming.com.


> Flickr. Optimized for the iPhone - and Blue Flavor plans to go even further. Currently, you can view photo comments and your own photos in a handy viewing list that loads much quicker than Flickr the site on your iPhone. Soon, Blue Flavor plans to make it possible to pull in the full Flickr site from within the Leaflets interface, making the experience faster and more fun.


> Deli.cio.us. Displays your del.icio.us bookmarks in an easy-to-navigate list, as well as the most popular bookmarks - just like you see when you visit the full del.icio.us site.


> Le Tour de France. This is a working example of a limited-time leaflet (brought to us by the cycling geeks at Blue Flavor). Imagine having leaflets for the Olympics or the presidential election or ... The Le Tour leaflet puts all the latest Tour de France info at your fingertips.


> Settings. This is where you put in your passwords for sites like Flickr and del.icio.us. At some point soon, according to Brian Fling, you'll be able to customize the look of your leaflets home screen - probably when there are more than 12 leaflets available and you run out of room to view them all on one screen.


Leaflets is just getting started, but we already like what we see. iPhone users, check it out and let us know what you think! (Note: Leaflets officially launches on Monday, July 16, 2007.)




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looks pretty nice. straightforward, simple to use. i can see a lot of potential in these types of RSS aggregate sites. because, let's face it, even on wifi, surfing most normal webpages takes some patience.

seems like a land grab right now to snag the hundreds of thousands of iphone eyeballs!

another one you should look at, if you haven't already, is iphoneappr.com/iphone

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