iPhone Rollout Will Be on June 29th

iPhone Rollout Will Be on June 29th

Okay, so the folks at Apple - those teasing scamps - have finally settled on an announceable date for the iPhone rollout: June 29th, as confirmed in this ad, and this one, and this one.


The ads refer to the iPhone being "Only on the new AT&T" - not "Only at," for those of you (Roman?) who've been planning to camp out at An Apple Store Near You.


The ads: typical Apple cutesy-hip background music, typical "no specs, just flashy tech," typically gorgeously lit, typical interface porn, typical terminally adorable kids.


Oh, and the "There's never been an iPod that could do this..." sell in Ad #1? Trust us - this means that there won't be another iPod that can match the iPhone's iPodian capabilities for quite some time. However, whatever "quite some time" means in this biz is anybody's guess - maybe around Thanksgiving, when the Xmas shopping season kicks into high gear?


Apple will sell a squilion iPhones. Mark that down. You read it here ... uh ... well .. for the millionth time.


See you on the 29th.




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I personally believe that the iPhone will get off to a great start, but then the other companies will come out with better products for less money, so people won't switch their company; apple will come out with a stripped down version of the iPhone which will not have the phone part: it will be a new iPod!



I enjoy that the ads always have to emphasize at the end, that yes indeed, the iPhone is actually a phone.



They look like those old apple commercials from 1993. I wonder if AT+T had a say in these because they don't seem like typical Apple [2007].



"Apple will sell a squilion iPhones. Mark that down. You read it here ... uh ... well .. for the millionth time."
only 999,974 times, actually.

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