iPhone Sales Estimates Soar, Leopard to Roar, GoLive Lives, and More

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iPhone Sales Estimates Soar, Leopard to Roar, GoLive Lives, and More

Without a single iPhone sold... Investors are driving up Apple's stock price, with a host of brokerages raising targets on Apple's stock to as high as $160 per share. The Wall Street prognisticators seem to be gambling on the iPhone's potential to sell many more units - try five times more - than the 1 million units Steve targeted in his Expo 2007 keynote. Meanwhile, however, buried in a BusinessWeek article from yesterday, was a claim that Apple plans to have 3 million iPhones ready for sale on June 29. (Apple wouldn't confirm this, of course.) Still, Apple better keep the production lines going 24-7. No. 1 Apple fan boy Gene Munster, a Piper Jaffray analyst, is predicting that Apple will sell 45 million iPhones by 2009. Either way, it's probably wise for AT&T to hire extra security to control crowds on iPhone launch day.


And even the 4,000 developers heading for the Worldwide Developers Conference, which opens Monday, are hoping for some glimpse of previously unrevealed features of the iPhone, or perhaps even the news that they'll get a chance to develop apps that will run on the version of OS X that runs on the phone. As one developer told Forbes.com: "Leopard is a huge story, but this new iPhone platform is just dangling in front of us developers. iPhone is a lot more exciting." Roughly Drafted offers up an in-depth analysis of the pros and cons of opening up the iPhone to third-party developers.


Incidentally, it's a good thing that the iPhone seems poised for big sales, because in addition to yesterday's revelation that Apple only makes about 8 bucks on each Apple TV sold, a new report shows that sales of the digital media device are coming in far below projections.


And what of Leopard? Cult of Mac chronicler Leander Kahney, for one, is looking forward to the changes wrought by Core Animation, which he predicts will give the "next generation of developers a set of tools that will allow them to easily create new, nonstandard, interactive interfaces."


For those of us interested in the "consumer side" of OS X - specifically .Mac and iLife - here's another juicy rumor: Wired's Fred Vogelstein is predicting that Apple will replace .Mac with Google mail and other services. Which leaves some wondering whether that means generic Google Desktop or one specifically tailored to Mac users.


Adobe GoLive 9 released: Now here's a surprise - Adobe today announced the release of GoLive 9. Apparently, the rumors of its death were, as Mark Twain was reported to have said, "greatly exaggerated." This release, according to Adobe (and take a deep breath before diving into this quote), "empowers non-code savvy design professionals to create modern, CSS-compliant websites using a visual interface and design techniques familiar to anyone who knows Adobe InDesign CS3 software and print layout." Translation: GoLive is Adobe's entry-level Web-development tool, and Dreamweaver is its professional level tool. As Adobe says elsewhere in its release, "designers can master the basics of web design and then grow into building more sophisticated web experiences using the industry-leading tools in Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 software." Check out the Adobe GoLive 9 FAQ for more information.


Also: Get ready for the summer of Apple. The "Get a Mac" ads win a Grand Effie. Never one to worry about looking like a copycat, Microsoft announced a red Zune. Buy an iPhone, track Steve Jobs? Don't hold your breath for a flash memory-based iPod. Instead, try running OS X on a Sony VAIO UX handheld. No matter what you do, have a good weekend.




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One of the best marketing features for Apple is security. Teaming up with Google makes everything that is more secure about OS X absolutely worthless. So Apple+Google = more expensive than WinTel, and now less secure? Hey, Steve, when it comes to teaming with Google, "Think Different."



People comment on the iPhone using the Edge network. Launching the iPhone on the Edge network is an excellent strategy.
One, AT&T gets to expand their HSPDA network more geographically, iron out the HSPDA technology and better determine their bandwidth needs. They are going to add 3 million new data accounts on June 29th. Adding 10 million new high speed users over 18 months will create huge challenges.
Two, next year Apple gets an opportunity to sell new improved models to the existing base and the fence sitters.
Three, by then Apple will have opened up access to 3rd party application capabilities which will greatly increase their utility.

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