iPhone Sales Stay Strong While Hacks Get Easier, Wal-Mart and AOL Woo iTunes Biz, and More

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iPhone Sales Stay Strong While Hacks Get Easier, Wal-Mart and AOL Woo iTunes Biz, and More

iPhone sales may top estimates: An analyst at UBS AG reported today that he thinks Apple may sell more than 800,000 iPhones this quarter - more than the company's initial goal of 730,000. The estimate, included in a research note written by Benjamin Reitzes, called this sales estimate "conservative." According to Reitzes, iPhones are selling at a rate of about three per day at AT&T stores and five a day at Apple stores. There are about 1,800 AT&T stores stocking iPhones, and about 150 Apple stores across the United States. And while Europe is expecting availability of the iPhone there this fall, when it's released in Japan, it could face a trademark dispute.


Meanwhile, a new ChangeWave consumer survey suggests that a "halo effect" from the iPhone launch has been good news for Apple's Mac sales - particularly notebooks.


iPhone hacks get easier every day: Mere mortals (read: those of us a bit intimidated by extensive meddling with the Unix command line) can now take advantage of the growing number of iPhone "hacks" out there, thanks to Installer.app. Gizmodo makes things even easier by providing a detailed tutorial for using Installer.app. As Justin Berka at Ars Technica's Infinite Loop notes, you still may not be comfortable tinkering with a $600 gadget, and that's just fine. We've found that resetting our iPhone after playing around with various hacks always returns it back to "normal." Hear from Ted Landau about other iPhone hacking resources.


Wal-Mart to sell DRM-less digital music: In a move clearly calculated to compete with the iTunes Store, Wal-Mart announced that starting today, customers could purchase thousands of albums and song files that are not hampered by digital rights management protection from major record labels like Vivendi Universal and EMI from walmart.com. Meanwhile, MTV is setting up a partnership with RealNetworks to launch its own online music store.


In other news: Steve Jobs was inducted into California's Hall of Fame. The Other Steve (aka the Woz) recently pleaded guilty to driving his Prius at speeds in excess of 100 mph on Interstate-5 earlier this year. (His defense? He got used to kilometers driving in Europe. The judge didn't buy it; Woz paid a $700 fine.)


If you run a small company on Macs, check out this list of 30 apps to run your business by. Watch a video on how to upgrade your brand-new iMac's RAM yourself. In case you haven't checked out WikiScanner yet: The guys over at ZDNet checked up on Apple's Wikipedia edits. The same ZDNet guys also wonder if Apple might dump Blu-ray now that Paramount and Dreamworks have announced support for HD-DVD. Mobile mavens hoping for 4G wireless data service's sooner-than-later arrival will have to hurry up and wait.




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Is AOL still in business?



The Wal*Mart store dosent support Safari.....
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