iPhone SDK 6: Electric Boogaloo

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iPhone SDK 6: Electric Boogaloo



Just to cement that Apple is now structuring the entire company around the iPhone, the latest iPhone SDK is available now and will only work with OS X 10.5.3, which dropped today.


iPhone SDK build 9M2192, beta 6, clocks in at a whopping 1.2GB and brings with it the usual bug fixes. Of course, it's sure to have developers delving through its code looking for any clues to the App Store and the next iPhone.


Happy hunting developers.



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I hope it's allot smaller than 1.2 GB, If you have an 8GB iPhone it's really only 7.6GB then you install the OS and that leaves you with 6.4, SUCKS!!!!! Oh wait, let's sell new phones with 32GB in it, that will learn em.



I'm not a developer or iPhone techie, but the SDK isn't the iPhone's operating system, rather it's a development app/environment correct? So worrying that that 1.2GB is going to end up on your phone with the next OS release isn't accurate. Of course that's not saying we wont be filling it with new app store releases! ;)

Looking forward to my first iPhone in June, Shawn




I believe that the size of the SDK doesn't really have any relationship to the size of the OS in the iPhone.


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