iPhone SDK Day

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iPhone SDK Day



That's it folks. Roving reporter Susie was unable to ask the most burning question of all. Where is Copy and Paste?


Q: "Why'd you change your mind from last year when you said web apps would be the only method of development for the iPhone?"


A: We change our minds a lot. The web apps have worked well, but developers wanted to do more. And we heard that. Creating an SDK is a lot of work, you want to make it something you can live with for 20 years, and yet update it without breaking apps. This is an elegant and clean system.


A: Second question. Electronic submission will be very fast, and this is a whole new process.


Q: "What's relationship with the carriers? Are you working with the carriers on the App Store?"


A: "We have great relationships with our carriers -- we struck a new kind of relationship where Apple is responsible on the phone. We define the software on the phone, we run the dev program, we distribute the apps! This is our program, and we're running it. (Side Q: no rev share with carriers on apps?) We don't go into it, but we like to see the revenue going the other way."


Parental controls are coming to the iPhone 2.0 firmware, turn off Safari or the App store. Sorry Kids.


Q: "How would an enterprise distribute internal applications?"


A: "Working on a special app for internal enterprise applications, it's being worked on."


Q: WiMax iPhone?


A: We’re not here to talk about hardware today, only software.


Q: "Is this an international rollout? Anything preventing open source apps?"


A: "This is international, but not an open-source project. It's a for-profit project only, even though it's a free update."


Q: What do you see as being the IT ease of use? So IT managers can convert from BlackBerry to iPhone?


A: It uses ActiveSync, a familiar system, but also has tools for managing these devices.


Q: Will SIM unlock software be considered software not allowed in the app store?


A: Yes.


Q: "What's the nominal fee on the iPod touch?"


A: "We'll set that in June, we don't look at this as a profit opportunity."


Q: "Can people choose multiple sync methods? Let's say you select Exchange, will you also be able to use iCal as well."


A: "Yes, you can have multiple accounts, multiple calendar accounts, multiple contact DataBases. Only Exchange account at time though."


Q: "Isn't the fact that Apple is the sole distributor of apps likely to cause monopoly issues?"


A: "We think this is going to be a boon for developers, there's no other way to get an app in front of every single iPhone user." Just to make it a little clearer -- we don't intend to make money off the app store; the split with the music companies is about the same. We give all the money to the content owners and the developers here, and the 30% that pays for the store, that will be great.


Q: What will happen if someone does a VOIP app?


A: We will only stop VOIP over cell networks, but not WiFi.


Q: What safeguards are in place to make sure the apps will be secure?


A: It is a dangerous world. One one side, you have a closed device like the iPod, you don’t have to worry about 3rd party apps mucking it up. And on the other hand, you have the PC where people spend a lot of time getting it to work. We want the best of both. The developers are going to register with us if they want to distribute them. If they write a bad app, we can both track them down and we can turn off the app’s distribution. So we’re putting controls in place.


Q: "Do you think RIM should be worried? What's the message for them?"


A: "You should ask them... we're not sending them a message, we're sending customers and developers a message that we're trying to serve their needs. Remember, the iPhone's been out less than a year, this stuff will be shipping right around the one year anniversary to every iPhone customer."




11:20AM: Event is over. It's Q&A time.


11:17AM: John Doerr, venture capitalist, $100 million in fund for iPhone developers in iFund. John Doerr,"It's about this great opportunity, but it's about more than the money -- it's about the great team at Apple and the great talent we can recruit together. ... if you want to build the future, the iFund wants to help you fund it. I can't wait to see the companies we'll build together."


11:15AM: One more thing...


11:13AML SDK beta released today, is free. To publish programs developers will have to pay a $99 fee


11:11AM: iPhone firmware 2.0 is coming... in June. iPod touch will get same update with a charge.


11:10AM: App store is the exclusive way to distribute iPhone Apps.


11:09AM: devlopers pick price and get 70% of revenue. Devloper not charged for free app. No hosting or marketing fees. Developers paid monthly


11:07AM: Native app available in next update. download wirelessly, it will automaticaly update apps. Can be used with Wi-Fi, Edge and via docking cable.


11:06AM: The iTunes App store will be used to get your App into the hands of the iPhone using massses.


11:05AM: Steve is back.


11:02AM: oh Burn! it's Supermonkey Ball. Tilt the iPhone to steer. Pretty sneaky Sega. Not a cell phone game a console game. Sega underestimated the power of iPhone.


11:01AM: Sega is next. How much you wanna bet it's Sonic?


10:59AM: Epocrates demo. App for doctors. Apple, saving the world one iPhone at a time. Now turn your head and cough. Showing picks of drug specs with images.


10:57AM: Supports invisible mode so you can hide from your ex. you can use iamge picker for your buddy icon.


10:55AM: AIM for iPhone, 5 days to build. intergrates with address book


10:52AM: Salesforce charts and graphs and stuff. Monthly sales info. intergrates with map.


10:50AM ZOMG! Salesforce demo. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz


10:46AM: ZOMG it's Spore! ? Using accelerometer for motion. 18 levels ported. No news on release date of iPhone version. Booo.


10:45AM: Gaming companies given two weeks to create game apps with SDK they have never seen. EA is first.


10:44AM: Touch Fighter game demo. Written in two weeks using Open GL and Open AL. Point to shoot, tilt to steer your space craft.


10:42AM: Touch FX demo. App they built in two days. Image warper app. distort your favorite images with your fingers. Shaking iPhone returns image to normal.


10:39AM: Demos building a Hello World! app. Use a synced iPhone to test on actual hardware after compilling within the iPhone simulator environment. Nice!


10:37AM: iPhone simulator is a software iPhone that will allow the creation and debugging of iPhone apps from within your desktop environment.


10:35AM: Interface builder builds your interface using a complete library of iPhone assests. They can be dragged onto the canvas.


10:33AM: People picker allows grabbing of contacts from an app while image picker grab images from camera/iPhone image library


10:30AM: use XCode to build Apps for the iPhone


10:25AM:Scott gives takes us on a tour of the iPhone's architecture. OS X kernal in the iPhone is based on the desktop version. Power management is automated. Core Location can be used to create location aware apps. Core Animation is supported. Open AL can render 3D audio.


10:24AM: Apple is releasing the same APIs and Tools they use to develop iPhone apps.


10:23AM: It's SDK talking time with Scott Forstall


10:20AM Nike helped beta test onsite. "Apple has really done their homework, addre issues of security, manageability, and integration. We currently have hundreds of iPhone users and expect the demographic to grow signficantly with this new release."


10:18AM: Remote Wipe is demoed. Adios contacts and email. No one can stop it, it can't be stopped.


10:16AM: Phil demos live email and contact sync. Saweet!


10:14AM: Flip a few switches and Entourage support is ready to roll. Phi, "It's the same apps that customers know and love on the iPhone, but now it's all coming from Exchange."


10:12AM: Exchange support will work with existing iPhone mail, contact and calendar.


10:08AM: iPhone now with Push Email, Push calendar, Push contacts, Global address list, Cisco VPM, Certificates and WPA2/ 802.1x, security policies, Device config, Remote wipe, ActiveSync and Exchange support. Cheers of joy from audience.


10:06AM: Phil: Genentech board and Stanford love the iPhone.


10:04AM: iPhone Enterprise with Phil Schiller


10:02AM: Steve shares iPhone statistics: iPhone has 28% of the Smartphone market share RIM has 41%


10:00AM: "Good morning ladies and gentlemen, welcome to this Apple special event."


9:55AM: T-Minus five minutes to go



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