iPhone Service Plans Unveiled, iTunes Activates iPhone, New Leopard Info Leaked, and More

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iPhone Service Plans Unveiled, iTunes Activates iPhone, New Leopard Info Leaked, and More

Apple and AT&T announce service plans for the iPhone: If you thought you could get a $40-a-month-plan with the pricey iPhone, think again. iPhone service plans start at $59.99, and include unlimited data (i.e., Web surfing and email use), visual voicemail (the ability to play voicemail messages in any order, independent of when they were received), 200 SMS text messages, rollover minutes, and unlimited mobile-to-mobile calling. For $59.99 you get 450 weekday minutes, for $79.99 you get 900, and for $99.99 you get 1,350. The two most expensive plans offer unlimited night and weekend minutes; the lowest-price plan offers 5,000 night and weekend minutes. Some are still wondering: What of Wi-Fi?


On the bright side, you'll be able to activate your new iPhone via iTunes on a Mac or PC instead of waiting in line at the Apple or AT&T store upon purchase. According to Apple, "activating iPhone takes only minutes" on iTunes, which lets you choose your service plan, transfer existing non-AT&T wireless phone numbers, authorize your credit, and activate the phone. From that point, you can sync your phone numbers and contact info, calendars, email, Web browser bookmarks (Safari only?), music, video, and more. One thing you will apparently not be able to do on your iPhone in iTunes is manage ringtones.


The iPhone - your life in your pocket? We know that Steve Jobs thinks the iPhone is revolutionary. But he's not alone. One reason, people say, is the way the phone lets us carry the most important details of our lives around with us wherever we go. It's the iPhone's outer beauty and inner muscle, say some, that have made it a sensation even before its release. Of course, many have argued (and will continue to argue) that there are a lot of smartphones out there that already do what the iPhone does. None so elegantly, is the Apple camp's retort. And as far as the financial analysts are concerned, there is a real risk for Palm that its Treo will take a hit.


Measuring the iPhone's success: The Wall Street crowd remains hard at work predicting how many iPhones have to sell on June 29 to constitute through-the-roof success. Most say the phones must sell out. One way Apple could help hit that goal is by limiting the number of phones available at its stores: "Everyone I have talked to [at Apple and AT&T] has said that there will be at most 40 phones per store, with an average of 15 to 20 phones at any one location," Rob Walch, host of the Today in iPhone podcast, told MacNewsWorld. Here's a list of pros and cons to help you decide whether to head to your nearest Apple store or official AT&T store to buy your shiny new iPhone.


For his part, CEO of AT&T's wireless operations, Stanley Sigman, thinks the consumer excitement around the device bodes well. As he told Fortune, the iPhone could be an industry milestone, just like the ground-breaking Motorola StarTAC! But there are always naysayers and new technology: New OMAP 3 mobile chips from Texas Instruments could allow for laptop-like power in a cell phone form factor, rendering the first-gen iPhone obsolete as early as next year.


"Minor but welcome" changes in Leopard: AppleInsider reports numerous updates in Leopard that weren't publicized during Steve Jobs' WWDC keynote on June 11, including:


> Ability to play video in full-screen mode in QuickTime (without upgrading to QuickTime Pro)

> An HD options pane for Blu-Ray and HD DVD discs

> Sun's ZFS file system in limited form

> Ability to send SMS text messages via iChat


In other news (as if): Apple releases another round of security patches for Safari 3 beta. Could Microsoft's anti-virtualization stance have more to do with Apple than with DRM concerns? At Yahoo, paranoia is encouraged. Sony is still working on improving its PSP handheld gaming device. If you can't afford an iPhone (or a PSP for that matter), you could always buy a lamp shaped like a wiener dog.




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Macs can play Blu-Ray and HD-DVDS??????????????


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I just looked at the rates page on apple.com and there are more than 3 plans. If you click "More Minutes" at the bottom of the rates table, there are 3 more plans for up to $220:

$119.99- 2000 minutes, 200 text messages, everything else unlimited
$169.99- 4000 minutes, 200 text messages, everything else unlimited
$219.99- 6000 minutes, 200 text messages, everything else unlimited



Wow, a 6K-minute plan. That's three and a third hours per day! Somebody's iPhone battery going to need a replacement sooner rather than later.

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