iPhone Software 2.0 - Early July

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iPhone Software 2.0 - Early July


Apple announced that iPhone software 2.0 will be available early July. Without an actual release date, that means it'll probably hit Software Update on July 10 at 11:59PM.


The update will be free for iPhone owners and $9.95 for iPod touch owners.


The upcoming OS will feature:



- Exchange ActiveSync support so all of your important business emails will be delivered instantaneously on your iPhone.


- Search from within contacts, for those of us with too many friends and associates.


- Mass email move and delete.



- Email attachment support for Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint files.



- A scientific calculator to woo all your math friends.


- MobileMe support. It's .Mac on steroids.


- And of course, third party application support for when the itunes App Store launches, also at the beginning of July.


iPhone software 2.0 will be a welcome addition to iPhone 1.0 and will make the 3G iPhone just that much cooler.



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i don't see why iPod touch users have to pay $10. I understood the iPhone apps update, it's because the iPhone alraeady had it! But now, the iPhone and iPod touch both don't have it, what is the point for iPod touch users having to pay when the iPhone users have a free update?



Here's another kicker though... newer iPods come with the iPhone apps free! I just got my wife an iPod touch a few weeks ago and hooked it up to download 1.1.4 preparing to spend the money for the apps but didn't have to!

So does this mean her iPod will receive the 2.0 update for free as well??? The price for this iPod was the same as mine... purchased from the same store... just purchased at different times. If newly released iPods come with apps for free... why should I have to pay for the apps on the same iPod model that I purchased months ago?!



As far as I understand it, it is something to do with American accounting laws. The iPod touch is receiving new functionality, so Apple have to charge for it; the iPhone is on a subscription so new functionality is covered under that.

This is a 'frank' discussion here after the article. (This is not where I read it originally, but I cannot seem to find the article...)




Apple gets money from AT&T (a portion of the monthly cell phone bill). This money is for iPhone R & D, new App development, and for profit.

The iPod Touch, on the other hand, Apple only receives the initial purchase money...true, iTunes is developed for free, but it is part of iLife. The iPod touch benefits from the iPhone teams hard work....a $10 upgrade is reasonable considering the last upgrade cost $20 or so...

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