iPhone Stock Widget Hullabaloo, Apple's Annual Report, Leopard Server Gets Certified

iPhone Stock Widget Hullabaloo, Apple's Annual Report, Leopard Server Gets Certified


Apple tracks iPhone data: A blogger seems to think he's found proof that Apple is secretly tracking your International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) info from your iPhone. Apparantly, when you use Stocks or Weather, an Apple server receives data that includes what stocks/weather you're looking for, your IMEI, and the IP address you were using. Moral: Always remember to read the user's licensing agreement.


Boot Camp gives Mac apps the boot: An Apple report released to investors says that Boot Camp may deter developers from creating software applications for Mac OS X if there's already a Windows version. Apple says in its report that this could hurt Mac sales.


Apple annual report: If you're interested in reading Apple's annual financial report, you can read it here.


Leopard Server is UNIX certified: The Open Group announced that Leopard conforms to the UNIX 03 standard.


Amazon releases Kindle: Amazon unveiled its new ebook reader called Kindle. The product already has nearly 100 customer reviews, despite it being available for only a few hours.



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So what?



The 100 reviews already is nothing new on Amazon -- when they release new items, in particular things that they have an interest in, they often provide free copies to selected members who frequently write reviews for them. In exchange for the free item, people post reviews.

They did this to me (I review a LOT of the things I buy) with a Flip video camera. They sent me the 149.00 camera for free. Of course I wrote a review for them. They wanted users to start doing video reviews rather than just writing reviews to launch that service properly. It worked. There are a lot of video reviews now. I bet many of the got free Flip video cameras like myself.

Not at all surprised there are a hundred reviews for Kindle considering they OWN that...

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