iPhone Supply and Demand, iTunes Festival in London, Apple in India, and More

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iPhone Supply and Demand, iTunes Festival in London, Apple in India, and More

Are you sick of reading about the iPhone yet? Well, we'll make this quick, then. Apple has clarified that the on-sale time of 6 p.m. (still June 29) is local time. There's an unconfirmed report that business accounts won't be able to get iPhones at launch. Analysts have predicted that the iPhone-driven demand for flash memory could stabilize the memory's falling prices, at least for a short time. And for today's "O RLY?" iPhone statements: The executive director of the University of San Diego's Supply Chain Management Institute says that "there will be shortages" at launch. And analyst Gene Munster says that the supply will be important to the iPhone's early success. (Then again, you could always jump Walt Mossberg for his. Just kidding.) And a writer at O'Grady's Powerpage wonders how long it'll be until we see refurbed iPhones at the Apple Outlet. And even before the iPhone's launch, business is booming at Apple's retail stores, which hit 200 percent of their daily goal this week.


Competition for the iPhone-iTunes model: A London startup called Omnifone is launching its MusicStation service today in Sweden, and it's coming to other non-U.S. markets soon (no U.S. plans at the moment), which means it will beat the iPhone to Europe and Asia. The subscription service will work with Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, and Motorola phones, and includes music from Sony BMG, EMI, Universal Music Group, and Warner Music Group, as well as independent labels. Tracks are sent directly to the phone over the air, with unlimited access for roughly $4 a month. You don't actually own the music, but the upside is, if you lose your phone, you don't lose your music, since it's stored on a server. Bring it over here, Omnifone!


Apple around the world: In other music news, Apple's iTunes Festival will feature dozens of bands playing in London throughout July. And the company is also linking its iTunes Store to European social-networking site Bebo.com. Bebo users will be able to buy iTunes tracks by clicking links in their favorite artists' profile pages. And a new distribution deal will bring a full range of Mac and iPod products to customers in India.


More Leopard and Safari tidbits. While it would have been much nicer to be able to preorder an iPhone, no such luck. But Amazon is now taking preorders for Leopard. Apple Matters posits that iTunes is paving the way for switchers, especially now that we've seen more of Leopard. See, now that the Finder so closely resembles iTunes, Windows users already familiar with iTunes might not find the switch so jarring. Oh, and the Safari Beta for Windows has been updated to version 3.0.1, to address some security flaws uncovered almost immediately after its launch earlier this week.


And finally, good news for the Earth. Google and Intel are launching the Climate Savers Computing Initiative to promote more energy-efficient computer and server systems. The coalition includes Dell, HP, IBM, Lenovo, and Microsoft, as well as the EPA and other environmental groups, companies, and universities, and the program sets a goal of 90 percent power efficiency.



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