iPhone In Sync

iPhone In Sync

Entourage’s preferences let you turn on Sync Services so that your Entourage data is always kept in sync with Address Book and iCal.


Is there a way to use the iPhone with a networked calendar and contacts system? My office is considering replacing our Treos with iPhones, but we use Now Up-To-Date and Contact. Will it work? If not, is there another app that will allow the iPhone to sync to a shared calendar and contact database?


The iPhone’s contacts and calendar can only sync to Address Book and iCal, or any calendar and contact program that supports Sync Services. Sync Services keeps your information in sync with non-Apple calendars and address books with Apple’s iCal and Address Book, which you can sync with your iPhone (and other computers via .Mac).


Now Up-To-Date and Now Contact do not currently support Sync Services, so you can’t currently sync data from those apps to your iPhone. But the next version of Now’s software set, codenamed NightHawk and due for release sometime in 2008, will support Sync Services, and therefore will sync with your iPhone.


If you’re interested in switching calendar and contact programs, Entourage (version 11.2.3 and later) currently supports Sync Services. Once you enable Sync Services within Entourage’s preferences, you can then sync your Entourage calendar and contacts with your iPhone, and you can also sync that information with other computers via .Mac syncing.




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