iPhone to Control the PS3, OS X is Costly and the iPhone in Mother Russia

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iPhone to Control the PS3, OS X is Costly and the iPhone in Mother Russia


iPhone gets the Blu-rays: NetBlender is expected to release a software kit that will allow developers to create iPhone applications to control Blu-ray devices. The most notable device would be the Sony PlayStation 3. Users could control their Blu-ray players and display information about the movie currently playing on their iPhone.


Apple is advertising Idol: While the economic downturn is expected to hurt the rest of the computer industry, Apple is forging new ground with its partnership with "American Idol."


OS X costs more than Windows: If you add up the last four releases of OS X, the price is double what Windows users forked out for Windows XP in 2001. What do we get for that price hit? Well, a better machine and OS.


iPhone Smugglers: Russian smugglers are making a killing selling the iPhone in their home county. The mobile device sells for double its original price. The iPhone has become a status symbol in the country and the Moscow-based Mobile Research Group reports that approximately 250,000 iPhones have been smuggled into the country.


Quake on your iPod touch: The video of two iPod touch owners playing Quake set off an intense search by GameCyte to find out if the video was real or just an elaborate hoax. What they found is good news for iPhone gaming fans.


G'Day iPhone: Rumors of an Australian iPhone release have our friends Down Under mighty jazzed. Allegedly, the iPhone will be released the last week of June and could be free of an exclusive carrier agreement.


MacBook design: The MacBook Pro and MacBook are expected to get a visual overhaul during the next round of updates. The machines are expected to take design cues from the MacBook Air and iMac.



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Mac OS X sucks compared to XP where it really counts. Just look at all the security, group policies, performance, and games you get with XP. This site blows as an unbiased tech blog.



"Just look at all the security..."
What security? That has historically been MS biggest hindrance.

"...group policies..."
I would have to agree there.

"...and games you get with XP"
Chess really blows away solitaire (klondike and spider, both) and mindwaster (or whatever it's called).
Although, I think it could benefit from a little better AI, some AA and AF (It has a few jaggies).

"This site blows *** as an unbiased tech blog."
You blow as an unbiased computer user.
Go HP-UX!!!



Yeah, and so does your mom



And all I use iTunes for is music. Once we're branded, we're branded.


Juan Carlos

I have read in Mexican newspapers that the iPhone is finally coming in june, confirmed by Apple US and the carrier (Telcel). It has been said also in the news that it will be coming also for all of Latin America (whose people, by the way, don't speak Latin).

June is a "special" month for the iPhone. Would it be they will be kicking of the 3G Party with more than 20 new countries?

What do you guys think about this?


Roberto Baldwin

I find it hard to believe that Apple would confirm that sort of information to anyone. But June is looking good for countries who have been left out of the iPhone party.




1) It is strange that Apple would choose to have multiple carriers for the iPhone in Australia and not here in the United States. Hopefully, this means they will follow that model elsewhere.

2) I really think the iPhone SDK will lead the device to become a fully-fledged entertainment device. Apple might even need to think of a new name for it!

3)MAC OSX might cost more than Windows, yet it does not suck like Vista! Therefore, I do not see that as an obstacle at all. BILL GATES, EAT YOUR HEART OUT!



One of the major oversights of the article is the hardware cost of upgrading. Mac users with four year old machines can still upgrade with reasonable or improved performance. Windows users with four year old machines have no chance of using Vista Ultimate.



Are they saying buying a Mac entails going back and buying every release of OS X? Retarded. If MS had actually managed to squeeze out ANYTHING these past 8 years, people would almost certainly have bought it. What a load.

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