iPhone to Get Social Networking, App Store Icon Trademarked and 3G Rumor Roundup

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iPhone to Get Social Networking, App Store Icon Trademarked and 3G Rumor Roundup


iPhone is a social network: TechCrunch's Michael Arrington, wrote an article in February arguing that the iPhone was perfect for a new, real world, social networking solution. He was so excited about the idea he began gathering a team to create the social networking app of his dreams. That all ended when he found a startup doing exactly what he wanted. iPhone users, get ready to ignore the rest of the world.


iPoding in the dark: The Red Herring saw Steve Jobs, and Bruce Springsteen's manager Jon Landau, rocking out in the wings at a recent Springsteen concert in San Jose. The obvious conclusion, The Boss will have a special edition iPod.


The Apple stock roller coaster: Okay, now J.P. Morgan is raising its second quarter estimates for Apple. So far this week, that's Apple going up, then down and now back up again.


App Store trademark: The icon for the upcoming App Store has been trademarked.


Blockbuster looks to the future: Video rental establishment, Blockbuster, is hoping to jump on the rental video-on-demand bandwagon. The company should be releasing a set-top box within the next year. They just have to catch up with Amazon, Netflix, Apple, Hulu and the Xbox 360. Good luck.


3G rumor roundup: Fortune has a nice rumor roundup for the 3G iPhone. So far, the alleged launch will happen in 62 days, the iPhone will be priced at $399 and will be unlocked in Australia. In other news, Robbie smacks himself in the head for not thinking of this first.


iPod loon torn apart: The Baltimore Sun takes a recent Apple hatchet article to task. The original article alleges that Apple intentionally sabotages older iPods with software updates. The Baltimore Sun uses common sense to tear the piece apart.


The Yahoo deal: Microsoft is joining forces with News Corp. to begin another wave of angry letters and deal making. Meanwhile, AOL is in negotiations with Yahoo for a partnership that would thwart the Microsoft acquisition. Also, Yahoo is talking to Google about outsourcing ad sales. It's like high school all over again.




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I absolutely despise Rupert Murdoch. Furthermore it's absolutely irresponsible that our government has allowed him to expand his company beyond monopoly limits. I'm saddened that Microsoft is trying to join forces with Murdoch. Alas morality has little to do with todays business's. I hope Yahoo holds out. Consolidation is usually bad for the consumer and really bad for the company being taken over.

Well on another note, I hope iPhone creates a demand for good quality broadband, because U.S. broadband is overpriced for such horrible service, compared to international standards.

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