iPhone, Too Cool for Girls with Fingernails

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iPhone, Too Cool for Girls with Fingernails



Is the fake Chinese iPhone better than the real one? The reviewer above thinks so. The language in the video is NSFW.




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Anyone know louis vuitton outlet near by? I am looking for one but never get.


Troy F.

I don't want to be insulting, but i think she's a MORON .
Would have been nice to even suggest a product that does all the same things that the iPhone does ( well ) , but i guess she does not have the mental capacity for even that.
Did anyone notice the fs monitor in the background that was mysteriously off ? ..... probably another Windoze crash.




Somebody should've warned her that doing a review that slanders an Apple product is a very, very, very bad idea.



Talk about biased.... reporters are supposed to start assignments without bias and report without bias... she admits before she even starts that she will be biased against Apple because she 'hates Apple users'

Biased reviews are worthless... hope nobody actually is a 'fan' of this 'reporter'



If you think that was a serious reporter or a serious review, then you're missing the point.

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