iPhone Tops Teens' and Google List, Yet Another Apple Lawsuit, No 3G iPhone at Expo

iPhone Tops Teens' and Google List, Yet Another Apple Lawsuit, No 3G iPhone at Expo


Teens want iPhone: A survey says that there's one thing teenagers want more this holiday season than clear skin and popularity. Teens want an iPhone.


No 3G iPhone: It's about time Piper Jaffray's Apple analyst Gene Munster chimed in with his Mac Expo predictions. He says that Apple won't introduce a 3G iPhone at Expo. Munster thinks we'll see a sub-compact MacBook and iPhone games. He says that there's a 50-50 chance Apple will announce iTunes movie rentals.


The iPhone is Feeling Lucky: According to Google, the word "iPhone" top the list of fastest rising search terms on Google. Google's fastest falling list includes Mozart and Shakira.


Leopard disappointment: PC World, known for publishing "controversial" lists to draw Web traffic, published its list of tech disappointments for 2007. Leopard is number eight on the list. Go ahead and click on the link if you feel like boosting PC World's traffic numbers. Or don't. FYI, Windows Vista is number one on the list.


The Big Apple sues Apple: The pension fund for New York City's public employees is suing Apple over backdating stock options. However, a federal judge says that the there's no case against the company.


Block Apple traffic: A developer who's pissed at Apple because of all the bugs in Mac OS 10.5 is blocking all traffic from Apple.com until Apple fixes the bugs. We admire the developer's moxie, but why would Apple care that they can't access www.rixstep.com?


Take that, RIAA: Future defendants against the RIAA, take note. The RIAA has dropped its case against a Texas grandmother, because the RIAA used an investigator who isn't licensed in Texas.


CBS fails Kobayashi Maru: CBS has let go of the follks behind StarTrek.com. The fate of StarTrek.com has yet to be announced, but because Star Trek is a money-making venture for CBS, we're sure the company has plans for the StarTrek.com katra.




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I don't get the Leopard bugginess at all--I haven't had any problems with it. Time machine works like a charm for me, though granted, I use a second internal drive for it. It makes me wonder what people did when they installed . . .



I've had no issues with Leopard.I read so much on the net before installing it,I worked myself into a tizzy thinking maybe I should wait.I think is pretty good.



I went to Rixstep's website... and tried - in vain - to discover anything useful that they do.

And found nothing. And thus don't care that they are blocking traffic from apple.

I think Rixstep needs to spend less time worrying about who's accessing their site, and more time on... um... well SOMETHING??????



I think it's fair to list Leopard as the 8th technological dissapointment of the year. Time Machine is unreliable, syncing crashes my computers, and programs crash much more frequently than with Tiger or Panther. Leopard has some nice features, but its reliability has decreased as it becomes bigger and more complex.



Not only has Leopard been named a tech dissapointment, Popular Mechanics has named AppleTV as one of their worst gadgets of 2007. See it at http://www.popularmechanics.com/technology/reviews/4236755.html?page=9

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