iPhone UK Firmware, the SNL Affair and Google Phone Not as Cool as You Thought

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iPhone UK Firmware, the SNL Affair and Google Phone Not as Cool as You Thought


UK readies for iPhone launch: O2 expects to sell 200,000 iPhones this holiday season, even though there are fears that most customers will be unable to access the Internet. The £269 ($560) price tag doesn't help matters.


Meanwhile, tech magazine T3 has images of the new iPhone with firmware version 1.1.2. The newest firmware, which will be on iPhones launched in the UK November 9th, allegedly breaks the TIFF exploit. Sorry, hackers.


Live from New York: SNL's skit shined a spotlight on the dark side of iPhones and French Canadians. It also showed us how quickly the Internet can breakdown into wild conspiracy theories and outright nuttiness. It's a skit people, settle down. As for the extra icon on the iPhone screen: Our guess is that they grabbed the first iPhone that was available amongst the staff.


Google alliance: Google announced its open-source initiative for mobile phones today. The Open Handset Alliance will push for an open-source platform nicknamed Android. While open-source mobile software is exciting, it's a let-down compared to an actual Google phone.


And finally: If you're a Guitar Hero fan you'll want to check this out. Thanks, higher education.




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