iPhone UK Launch Speculation, Apple's New Logic Studio, QuickTime Update, and More

iPhone UK Launch Speculation, Apple's New Logic Studio, QuickTime Update, and More



iPhone Coming to the UK?: Our sister publication in the UK (as well as other UK media outlets) got an invite for an Apple event at the Regent Street Apple Store in England. So let the speculation begin! Will this be the long awaited European launch of the iPhone? Considering that rapid development of iPhone unlocking tools and services, you can bet that Apple wants to hasten the iPhone release internationally. Could the European iPhone have 3G capability? Probably not, since Steve Jobs has said that part of the problem with 3G is power consumption. But the release of the iPod touch could affect iPhone sales, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.


Bond is still a badass: Speaking of the UK, a consulting firm across the pond says that Aston Martin is just a tad bit cooler than Apple's iPod when it comes to the coolest brands in the UK. Nice, but does the Aston Martin have an iPod adapter? Now that would be almost too much cool in one place.


Apple releases Logic Studio: Yesterday, Apple released Logic Studio, a professional suite of applications for music production. The $499 suite includes Logic Pro 8, MainStage, SoundTrack Pro 2, Studio Instruments, Studio Effects, and Studio Sound Library. We'll have a full review of the suite as well as the new Logic Express 8 ($199) in an upcoming Mac|Life.


QuickTime update: Apple has released a Compatibility Update for QuickTime 7.2. What does it do? Apple cryptically says it "delivers increased compatibility with iLife." You can download the update by clicking on the before-mentioned link, or by running Software Update (Apple menu > Software Update).




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