iPhone Unlocked, Apple Sued (Again), Greedy Steve Jobs, and More

iPhone Unlocked, Apple Sued (Again), Greedy Steve Jobs, and More

iPhone partially unlocked: There are reports that the folks at the the iPhone Dev Wiki have partially unlocked an iPhone using an application called iASign. The unlocking means you can use the iPhone with any Cingular or AT&T pre-paid/MVNA SIM.


Beware the iPhone's Web number dialer: A security firm called SPI Labs says that the iPhone's ability to dial a phone number posted on a the Safari Web browser could allow a hacker to access the iPhone. SPI Labs says it's working with Apple to fix the hole. In the meantime, if you're feeling paranoid and want to monitor your minutes, here's how to can check your minutes on your iPhone.


T-Mobile and the iPhone in Germany?: Apparently the German T-Mobile Web site had a page promoting the iPhone, leading to reports that T-Mobile will be the German iPhone carrier. But those T-Mobile iPhone pages were taken down. In a related topic, we still have no word on the UK iPhone carrier, but the rumors continue to include O2.


More iPhone news: Lawmakers are pushing for unlocked phones. iPhone accessory makers are excited about the potential to make money. The demand for iPhones and iPods may cause a flash memory shortage. Motorola, the second largest mobile phone maker in the world, posted a second quarter loss. And finally, here's another reason why you might think Duke sucks.


Apple working on QuickTime 7.2 flaws: Apple says it's looking into reported problems with the recent QuickTIme 7.2 update. Problems include conflicts with Microsoft Word, Excel, Entourage. If you use any of those apps, you might want to hold off on updating QuickTime until Apple has a fix.


Apple sued for copyright infringement: A photographer has filed suit Apple, stating that the company stole his images and used them iPhone and Apple TV ads. Louis Psihoyos says his image of a seated, silhouetted person surrounded by banks of TV screens is identical to Apple's image of the Apple TV surround by banks of TV screens. And we have to admit, the images are very similar. Psihoyos says that he was in negotiations with Apple, but then Apple stopped talking to him and proceeded with his campaign - gee, doesn't that sound familiar? It's unclear what iPhone ads Psihoyos claims rips-off his work, but we're pretty sure this picture wasn't involved.


In other news: Sony's CEO calls Steve Jobs greedy. Columnist Andy Inhatko grants a fake interview about possibly being Fake Steve Jobs. And finally, listening to music is just as just as good as sex, which just might explain the iPod's popularity.




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I have looked at both of the Apple image and the photograph by Mr. Psihoyos.

In my judgment although the images are similar they are not the same.

The apple image is CGI of a few video windows playing various files, while the photograph by Mr. Psihoyos is a photo of a man in an actual room with many televison screens.

Mr. Psihoyos photograph is also similar to a scene from the Matrix Reloaded: Released 15 May 2003,


And a music video from Coldplay,




Ah, another day, another round of the usual.
-Somebody suing apple
-Sony bashing on people (greedy? WTF S0ny?)

Don't expect the iphone to go to other places or made for many other networks for a while. Too many incompatibility issues with it.

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