iPhone Web Videos: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

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iPhone Web Videos: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly


YouTube and, to a lesser extent, LiveLeak have a fast-growing collection of iPhone-related videos. Here are our favorites - plus a segment featuring Rob Riggle from a recent episode of the "Daily Show with Jon Stewart." Just because I love Jon Stewart.


iPhone Magic

As the description says, "David Blane and Chris Angell better watch out for this guy."



4-Year-Olds Show Us How to Use an iPhone

As they say, it's so easy to use, a 4-year-old can do it.



iPhone Stress Tests

PC World magazine editor Eric Butterfield tries to scratch - and break - an iPhone.



17" iPhone

This guy's a little confused...



Rob Riggle Goes on a Rampage for the New iPhone

As featured on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart, aired on Comedy Central on June 28: "It's going to do for phones what the iPod did for pods. Fifty years from now, when it finally comes out, we'll see how right I was."



Steve Jobs at iPhone Launch

Steve (wearing a totally indefensible camo fanny pack) makes a cameo at the Palo Alto, CA, store on iPhone launch day. Wait, is that really him?



June 29th

The music is the best part, but it's also fun seeing Woz in full geek glory standing in line with everyone else...and trying to peak into the store past the black window coverings before the doors open.



iPhone Earbud Replacement

Hands-on instruction for retrofitting your favorite pair of earphones so you can use them with the iPhone - requires a soldering iron, but very cool. (We didn't try it, but someone we know did and he said it worked!)




iPhone Screen Replacement & Disassemble/TakeApart Directions

In case you want to know how to void your iPhone's warranty.



Lavari i piatti con l'iPhone

An Italian dude washes his dishes while timing himself using the iPhone's stopwatch feature.



iPhone interface on a Treo

Not sure why, exactly, but if you can't beat iPhone nation, why not join 'em?



And, of course, check out our own video diary of purchasing our iPhone at the downtown San Francisco Apple store on June 29!




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