iPhones For EVERYONE!

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iPhones For EVERYONE!


While I was combing over every bit of rumor and speculation that has seeped from the slimy underbelly of the internet over the past few weeks, I had a revelation. Maybe it's iPhone fatigue, maybe it's the four Red Bulls I had before breakfast. Whatever it is, I'm sure it'll be a winner.


Steve Jobs should give every developer at WWDC a free 3G iPhone.


Imagine the screams of delight emanating from the developers in the audience. Tears of joy dripping from their pale faces. For some, it would be the greatest day of their lives.


Apple could tape them under the seat. Imagine reaching under your chair during a keynote and finding a prize. If tiny parachutes can be created in time, drop them from the ceiling. It's raining iPhones!


By far my favorite idea is wrapping iPhones in t-shirts and shooting them from one of those t-shirt cannons they use at sporting events. Steve could shoot them right from the stage.


"Steve shoot an iPhone over here!" Swoosh - Thump!


Beyond the obvious hilarity of the audience just going insane with free iPhones, developers would forget all about any issues they may have with the SDK. Their faces gleaming with 3G iPhone goodness.


The creation of iPhone apps would skyrocket, of course most of these new apps would feature screensavers that praise the greatness of Steve Jobs, but a few would actually be worthwhile apps that would make it all worth it.


And if a few journalists just happen to get a free 3G iPhone at the keynote, well that's just the price you pay for progress.




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Yea, funny photo!
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Alexsander Akers

[aol voice] You've got iPhone! [ ยท aol voice ]



Funny photo.



If you check under your seats you'll all find a brand-new 3G iPhooooooonnne!!



"You got a phone"...."You got a phone"...."You got a phone"...."You got a phone"...."You got a phone"...."You got a phone"...."You got a phone"....

- Oprah

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