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Hi, I tried the update to no success. AppleTv doesn't recognize the Airplay option on my iPad. : (

PS: Also, if my computer is asleep, the AppleTV loses the connection to homesharing when trying to play music from computer itunes. last the AppleTV doesn't recognize all the photos from a homeshare photo folder, only 20 percent. Other than that, its great!!!



Of course this doesn't do me much good having been an early adaptor and looking at the older generation Apple TV. No update for me :-)

On that note, I was in an Apple retail store looking at the new generation Apple TV and I asked a sales agent why I would bother. It looks like a 99$ wireless media router with no storage. Why would I get it when I should be able to the same or better using an HDMI or Ethernet cable off of my MaBook Pro?

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