Is the iPod Classic Set For a Refresh?



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Here's my idea. Rename the iPod touch to the iPod touch slim. Then, take the iPod Classic, and make it the new iPod touch. Same size as the current iPod touch, but thicker. Maybe make it look more like the iPhone 4? This way, you get all the iOS goodness that has come to everything else, but you retain the large storage capacity for the large amount of music and videos that you probably don't normally listen to/watch. I guess size still matters to some people.



i think it would be awesome to see a new ipod classic but i want them to keep the click wheel not everything needs to be touch screen manily for retro feel and it is the classic but still it would be fun to see it revamped i was thinking of upgrading from my nano to a classic so ya im hopeing they will anounce something

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