iPod touch Found Lacking In the Face of iPhone 4



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Imagine Engine

GPS with the iPod Touch is useless with out having a cellular connection to download maps in realtime. Yes there are apps that come with preloaded maps for driving though kids (where the iPod Touch is marketing to) won't buy those navigation apps. Where GPS may be useful for children using the iPod Touch is for child find apps or using MobileMe to locate their position for safety. While I believe the iPod Touch will be a hit with younger kids I find that most older kids and adults will opt to buy an iPhone 4 for an all in one solution. I was walking through the mall this weekend and found most parents who are getting ready for their kids going back to school were in authorized cellular dealers asking to buy the iPhone 4 for their teenagers. The iPod Touch is a low cost solution for those wanting to buy a younger child a music and gaming solution without needing a cellphone.



at first it's just a portable MP3 Player, then it becomes to the unique parts

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