iPod Deathclock

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iPod Deathclock

If you're curious how long your iPod will be pumping out the tunes, check out "The iPod Deathclock."


Using your serial number for model information and after asking a few questions, the Deathclock gives you an estimated time of death for your iPod.


The site buys used iPods and sells iPod batteries, so you might want to take that into consideration when you get the bad news. For example, my second-hand 40GB Click Wheel iPod should only last me about 2 hours according to the site.


See you at the Apple store.


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My 3rd gen died about 4 months ago... It was a long, slow death. I even replaced the battery... but it was not to be. :-( Now I have no money for a new iPod, AND no iPod.



I think I prefer the DethKlok from Metalocalypse better. My 3G iPod also shows a 2 hr life span according to this, which I take to mean, it should've died long ago. The battery life should be 10% of what it was originally (according to Death Clock), yet its closer to 60%. Though it states it is supposedly very accurate, it also mentions "The iPod Death Clock is for entertainment purposes only, actual lifespan may vary significantly."



my mini got 1hr 59min with the message
"It's not good. In fact, you're cheating death with every second. Take some time to reflect on the good times you and your friend have shared, because the end is near."

Good thing I've replaced the battery, scroll wheel, and old broken HD with a new flash dive...

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