iPod Radio Remote

iPod Radio Remote

FM, fine - but forget about ball games.


The tiny iPod Radio Remote adds FM reception to your iPod nano or video-capable iPod. Bundled with standard earbuds attached to a shorter cable, the remote clips to your shirt, pocket, or whatever. When you plug the remote into your iPod's docking port, a Radio item appears in the 'Pod's main menu; select it, and the FM-tuning screen appears. It's a snap to select stations using the Click Wheel or mark favorite stations and jump to them with the forward and back buttons on either the iPod or the remote (which can also be used to control your iPod). Unfortunately, although reception is excellent when tuned to strong stations, weaker stations drift in and out.


The bottom line. The Radio Remote is elegant and easy to use, but we expected better reception for 50 bucks.


CONTACT: 800-795-1000 or 408-996-1010, www.apple.com
PRICE: $49
REQUIREMENTS: iPod nano or video-capable iPod, iPod software version 1.1 or later
Easy-to-use. Favorite-station capability. RDS display on iPod. Needs no batteries.
Iffy reception on weaker stations. No AM mode. Only comes in white.





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