iPod Rumors Confirmed by Apple Legal? Mac Rebates, the 17-inch iMac Lives, and More

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iPod Rumors Confirmed by Apple Legal? Mac Rebates, the 17-inch iMac Lives, and More

Mouse, meet cat: This week's iPod rumors gained even more traction after Apple's legal team sent takedown orders to MacRumors, 9to5 Mac, and Gizmodo, which had posted leaked images. Comments one blog: "The cat-and-mouse game that Apple's legal department plays with the rumor sites in advance of a product launch is now fully engaged." While many take Apple's reaction as confirmation that these images were legit, others disagree, positing that, in the case of the squat widescreen nano pics, "Apple doesn't want their investors thinking that those are the actual new iPod nanos." AppleInsider has the most intel on the rumored iPods (as many as four models), claiming that they're based on OS X and will use flash memory. Analyst Ben Reitzes predicts that a full-sized "multi-touch-enabled iPod could see unit sales that are much higher than that of the iPhone." A September announcement is expected.


More from Apple Land: Have you wondered why those "Intel Inside" stickers aren't on Apple's computers or packaging? Or what forensic detectives think about the iPhone? Want to get a nice rebate on your new Mac purchase? Also, the 17-inch iMac isn't totally dead -- educational institutions can still order the last 17-inch iMac model. And file this under V for Very, Very, Very Cool: a new iPhone app lets you control the iPod functions with your voice.


Good news for the Earth: Fujitsu has released a laptop with biodegradeable plastic chassis made from cornstarch. The LifeBook, available only in Japan so far, could decompose in months instead of decades (or longer). AT&T will send our shorter, summarized iPhone bills to save paper, instead of the huge, tree-killing, itemized bills of up to 300 pages. And this is just a theory so far, but it's still a neat one: The aluminum iMac keyboard might be made from leftover aluminum from the iMac's own casing. And with its decision to offer refurbished iPhones, Apple joins a small but growing list of companies selling used cell phones in the U.S.



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As an Apple Value Added Reseller, and as one who deals with Apple and general computer customers on a day in and day out basis, I would say that well over 3/4 of them still ask for G5s!! I then have to explain to them that that designation is no longer being manufactured, and that we have Intel chips now.

Fine, Steve,if you don't want to join the "Intel Inside" campaign, hell, come up with one of your own! Maybe it's too late?? Or, is it??

Ah, yes! You could call it "Apple Inside"! Make the Apple logo large enough so that the Intel logo could fit elegantly inside of it.

Take care! By lots of Apple products!



Susie Ochs

People have asked me if I know when the new G5s are coming out. This is a more frequent occurence than I'd expect, but it's also one of the only Apple-product-release questions I can answer with total confidence: Never.

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