iPod Rumors Run Fast and Furious, iPhone Races Past Smartphone Competition and Google Phone Speculation

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iPod Rumors Run Fast and Furious, iPhone Races Past Smartphone Competition and Google Phone Speculation

iPod guessing game: The internets are alive with the sound of iPod speculation. According to the Washington Post, WiFi touchscreen iPods and iPhone nanos will be announced by his Steveness tomorrow. If you believe that an iPod nano with video is being released tomorrow, you're not the only one. One company is betting on it.


iPod right on Target: Steve Jobs is almost guaranteed to introduce new iPods at tomorrows special Apple event and retailers are gearing up. In a memo sent to its employees, Target is warning them to expect a "high profile" product this week. Employees are being warned to expect to take delivery outside of normal delivery hours.


iPhone is smartphone winner: Here's a mild surprise, the iPhone outsold other smartphones here in the United States in July. The research group ISuppli reported the news and forecasts that Apple will sell 4.5 million iPhones this year. Those sort of numbers are music to investors ears as Apple shares rose amid the iPhone sales results and expectations of a new iPod.


The search for the Google phone: The much rumored, but never revealed Google phone is being designed in Boston according to the Boston Globe. Still, no one is sure if it's going to be a phone or an operating system or if customers will be cool with ads on their mobile.


Sony may start video service: Sony might try its luck once again with an online media store. Hot on the heels of closing down it's Connect digital music store last month, company officials are looking into the possibility of creating a new online store with music and video.


iPhone ringtones without the hack: If you're jonesing for custom ringtones on your iPhone without hacking it and possibly voiding your warranty. Ambrosia Software just released iToner, so now you can customize your ringtones worry free.



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