iPod touch Has a Taste for iPhones, U2 Hates Thieves and Fraggle Rock on Your iPod

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iPod touch Has a Taste for iPhones, U2 Hates Thieves and Fraggle Rock on Your iPod


Tastes like chicken: According to analyst Charlie Wolf of Needham and Co., Apple sacrificed up to 1.5 million holiday iPhone sales with the introduction of the iPod touch.


Cut the cord: U2 manager, Paul McGuiness, while speaking at the MIDEM music industry convention, called for ISPs to cut service to customers who continually use illegal peer-to-peer file sharing to trade music.


Fill your Air ports: MacBook Air accessories are on their way. With only one USB port you must choose wisely.


Dance your cares away: The greatest HBO show ever has made its way to iTunes. Download the adventures of Uncle Traveling Matt, Gobo, Red, and the rest of the gang before the Doozers build a wall around your Mac.


Create your own RDF: Wired has a 10 point RDF creation list for Steve wannabes. We're gonna try it out the next time we try to talk our spouse into a plasma screen TV.


Ireland iPhone demand: 3G CEO Tony Boyle is talking with Apple to bring the iPhone to the Emerald Isle. Boyle believes the mobile device will be huge hit in Ireland and questions if Apple will be able to keep up with demand.




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*The name of the music conference is actually MIDEM


Roberto Baldwin

For the heads up on the correct name.

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