iPod touch in the Wild

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iPod touch in the Wild

Why wait till the 28th. Apple stores in New York and San Francisco are reportedly stocked with the newest iPod. A quick call to the local Apple store in San Francisco confirmed that the iPod touch is in stock.


One luck guy in New York already scored the iPod and has posted unboxing pics.



Gizmodo has a complete set of unboxing pics and video of the iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store in action.


If you can't make it to your local store or they don't have them in stock, pass this time with Apple's handy iPod touch guide. It contains interesting tidbits about the device. For example, if plugged into a sleeping computer, it may lose charge, you can watch videos on a TV connected to the iPod touch and the inner workings of the itunes Wi-Fi Music Store.




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I am hoping that the Video playing facility of the ipod touch will be better than the existing ipods, I hope that it will not have the trouble of videos while Playing Ipod music video or ipod movies on it.



Great! You got it already. I ordered mine here in Tokyo but I got three major concerns:

1. Does it support Adobe flash? I read somewhere that it doesn't, but Safari supports flash. Can't the flash-safari plugin be downloaded and installed.

2. Does it have the ability to download podcasts from websites over WiFi? (Please try to download a podcast from www.whitokyo.info.)

3. Does it have the ability to subscribe to podcast RSS feeds?
The answers to these questions may sway me to cancel my order and get a Nokia N800 or an Archos 605 Wifi.

Anyway, enjoy your new Touch.



I picked up a 16GB touch today in Buffalo, NY so I think they could be at most stores by now. You have to ask for them. It is freaking awesome.

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