iRhythms A-9500

iRhythms A-9500

So cheap. Yet so painful.


It was three songs into our shuffled playlist that we noticed it: A painful pinching on our ears. No, it wasn’t the fact that our iPod stumbled upon David Hasselhoff's “Save the World” (just what do the Germans see in the Hoff, anyway?). It was the headphones—specifically, the A-9500’s clips that go behind the ear. They hurt, and there’s no adjusting them. If you don’t use them, the speaker doesn’t sit well against your ear.


The A-9500 uses a neckband, which some people find more comfortable than the standard over-the-head band. The neckband isn’t adjustable, however, and if you have a head larger than a size 7 3/8 you’ll find the neckband too small.


The sound quality isn’t bad for a cheap pair of headphones. The bass has no impact, and the high-end sounds are clipped. There’s not a lot of warmth, but it’s clear, and it’s about on par for this price range.


The bottom line. The A-9500 are uncomfortable. Look elsewhere with your money.


COMPANY: iRhythms


PRICE: $29.99

REQUIREMENTS: heaphone jack, ears, and a head smaller than size 7 3/8.

Decent sound.

Uncomfortable. Too small for bigger-than-average heads. Awkward fit when wearing glasses.





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