Is it possible to customize my Login dialog?

Is it possible to customize my Login dialog?

You can use Cocktail to add any text you want to your Login dialog - but don't forget to check the "Display additional message..." checkbox.


Those of you with multiple user accounts are no doubt familiar with the login window - that plain gray box that lists the name of your machine and its authorized users. To spice up this screen with a custom message, install and register Maintain's Cocktail ($14.95). Launch it and click the Interface button, followed by the Login tab. Then type your message in the text box at the bottom of the dialog. This message can be practical (a reminder to family members about an upcoming event) or fanciful (a line from your favorite movie).


Check the "Display additional message" box above the text, and your message will show up after your next restart. (Although TinkerTool System can also modify the Login dialog, we still recommend Cocktail for its long list of other system and network customizations.)




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I Love That Theres A Text Saying " They're Coming To Get You, Barbara." Which Is My Ex-Wife's Name That Went To Rehab. This Will Go Great For Her Macbook.

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