Is there a way to manually manage video in iTunes, but maintain auto-syncing for just music on my iPod?

Is there a way to manually manage video in iTunes, but maintain auto-syncing for just music on my iPod?

iTunes 7 makes it exceptionally easy to sync what you want, when you want.


Yes, you can manage video files in iTunes 7 manually while maintaining the automatic syncing for music. Make sure you have iTunes 7 or higher by highlighting iTunes in Applications and pressing Command-I (that's a capital I, not the number 1). If you don't have version 7, go to to download it.


Once you've installed iTunes 7, setting your syncing preferences is easy. Launch iTunes and connect your iPod. (Or connect your iPod and iTunes should launch automaticall as as the default.) Select your iPod in the Source pane on the left. The info window that appears has several tabs other than Summary: Music, Movies, TV Shows, Podcasts, Photos, Contacts, and Games. All of these can be managed manually or automatically. To keep music in auto-sync mode, select the Music tab and check the box next to Sync music (keep in mind that if your iPod has not been syncing automatically and you've synced it with more than one computer, checking this box will replace all songs and Playlists on your iPod with those in the current iTunes Library).


For Movies and TV Shows, keep the box next to Sync on those respective tabs unchecked; this will allow you to manage these files manually.




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I need to know how to get previously downloaded music into a new library. I had to reload MAX OS and now it wants to erase what I have to load the new stuff...HELP


Fonsworth Bently

this shit doesn't work



this didn't work for me either... I think that if you disable syncing on the videos while auto sync is enabled for music, it won't let you put movies on the iPod manually.

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