Is there a way to set shortcuts for Word's features?

Is there a way to set shortcuts for Word's features?

Assign Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts like Command-S and Command-X have become second nature. Yet there are plenty of commands that don’t get their own shortcuts. Luckily, you can assign your own. For example, one of our favorite features is the ability to send the current document as an email attachment (File > Send To > Mail Recipient). To give it its own keyboard shortcut, go to Tools > Customize > Customize Keyboard. There you’ll see a window with a list of Word’s menus along with the different commands under each. Locate the command to which you want to assign a shortcut - the one we want is listed under All Commands as FileSendMail. Highlight the box labeled Press New Shortcut Key and enter the keystroke you want (we chose F1). Click Assign and revel in the time you’ll save!


Give your most-used Word commands a custom keyboard shortcut.


Create a Custom Toolbar
Ever notice that Word’s Standard toolbar contains about three commands you actually use on a regular basis? (Uh, how often do you add columns to your Word doc?) Make your most-used commands instantly accessible - and declutter your screen - by creating a custom toolbar. Go to Tools > Customize > Customize Toolbars/Menus. Under the Toolbars tab, click New and give your new toolbar a name. A tiny, empty toolbar appears. Click the Commands tab and start running through all of the different menus and their commands. When you find ones you want to add, such as Save As or Spelling, drag them to the empty toolbar. Once you’re done fashioning your ideal toolbar, just click OK and then drag it to the top of your screen.




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