Italian Website Gets Inside Moscone

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Italian Website Gets Inside Moscone

Looks like 2008 will be the year of the ladder.


Italian website,, published a gallery of images from the show floor inside Moscone center.


Sure, the images show absolutely nothing. But, it's inside the Moscone center and thats good enough for the Apple fans.


Maybe we can determine what will be announced by the way the black tarps cover displays. Let the wild guesses begin.




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Hmm.... Where I come from, you only drape a black shroud over something for one reason...

RIP Mac.



What confuses me the most is that behind one black covering was a slight bit of red. That got me thinking pretty hard on what they were up to.....



I think that bit of red is an ipod ad . Apple usually uses bright colors in their iPod ads. I'm guessing new functionality for the iPhone and iPod touch.

Or it's an ad touting the new rentals. m

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