iTunes DVDs a No Go

iTunes DVDs a No Go

I have purchased the first three seasons of the show Lost from the iTunes Store, and would love to burn them on DVDs to share with my parents or any other family member or friend who might want to watch them. I also do not want to leave them on my laptop forever. I know you can spend the extra cash and get better-quality/DRM-free audio and unlimited usage for all songs bought, but does this apply to movies or TV shows purchased through iTunes also?


To break this to you gently, we’ll answer the second part of your question first: No, the iTunes store doesn’t sell “unlocked” video content the way it sells unlocked songs - maybe in a few years, but not today. Corollary to that restriction, you can share iTunes-purchased TV shows with the standard regulations. That is, any Mac (or PC) that you’ve authorized as one of your allotted five computers can play your purchased shows. But burning a generic DVD for Mom to play on her set-top DVD player back in Fargo doesn’t fly.




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