iTunes Enabled Carpal Tunnel

iTunes Enabled Carpal Tunnel

My wrist is burning from dragging songs into iTunes playlists all day long - there's got to be a better way.


Actually, there are four better ways to create playlists in iTunes. Select a gang of songs (or a grip of them as the kids say) from your iTunes Library - Shift-click to select multiple songs in a row or Command-click to select multiple songs that aren't listed together (for your ABBA and ZZ Top mix).


With multiple songs selected, press Command-N or select File > New Playlist From Selection from the menu bar to create a new playlist with all the selected songs; to add selected songs to an existing playlist, Control-click any selected song and pick Add to Playlist > playlist name from the pop-up menu.


And our favorite: Simply drag the group of selected items to the Source window's title bar (where it says Source) until a little plus sign appears under the cursor - when you release the files, iTunes will automatically put them in a new playlist.




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I've looked and looked again and i don't see where it says Source anywhere in iTunes. Furthermore, what is the Source Window? I assume it's the window on the left where the Library and the various Playlist are, but nowhere does it say Source.

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