iTunes Expands in France, Canada, and the UK; iPhone Headed to China, and More

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iTunes Expands in France, Canada, and the UK; iPhone Headed to China, and More


Vive les iTunes! Apple is bringing television shows to the iTunes Store in France, both French TV shows and imported gems like South Park, SpongeBob, and Lost. Plus, the United Kingdom and Canada are getting movies in iTunes, both for buying and renting. Happy downloading, everyone!


Speaking of other countries getting stuff: Parts of China are getting the iPhone, and Apple's finally getting inroads into China. Hong Kong-based Hutchinson Telecom is bringing the iPhone to Hong Kong and Macau (both former colonies that are now "special administrative regions" of China). Spokespeople from Apple and main Chinese carrier China Mobile have denied the two are in talks.


Patent watch continues: A couple interesting-looking Apple patents hint at an "out of range" warning system for iPhones and iPod touches. Users would get a warning if they're about to lose the Wi-Fi signal, and iPhone users would also be warned ahead of time if weak cellular reception might lead to a dropped call.


Can you read this OK? Here are some helpful tips for reducing eyestrain caused by spending huge amounts of your waking life in front of a computer screen. (Don't worry, "go outside" is not one of the tips.)


Windows 7 Apin' the Apple? Mr. Gates and Mr. Ballmer gave a public demo of Windows 7, leading The Wall Street Journal to describe its touchscreen interface as recognizable to "anyone who's ever used an iPhone." The OS also sports a very familiar-looking dock. Wish we could place where we've seen that before...


Mac mod: Check this one out, it's made from laptop components pinned to a corkboard. Does that mean it floats?


Get Lost: Don't forget that tonight is the two-hour Lost finale (plus a reairing of the one-hour pre-finale with some new footage). Bone up on your Lost theories here, catch up with old episodes here or in iTunes, and ponder whether the Freighties would be so lost if they were using 3G iPhones instead of those bulky GPS-enabled touchscreen satellite phones they keep dragging around.



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Its great that French iTunes is finally offering TV shows, but unfortunately only the horrible DUBBED versions. PLEASE Apple, give us also the V.O. verions!!! We want to see these shows in original English-language.



Hong Kong and Macau were former colonies of the UK and Portugal, respectively, not China.


Susie Ochs

thanks for your correction! I've corrected the piece.



Is it "waking life" or "walking life?"


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