iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store to Open For Business

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iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store to Open For Business

Don't want to wait till you get home to download the latest Green Day song? If you're the owner of the iPhone or new iPod touch, begining later this month, you won't have too. Apple's new iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store works pretty much like the iTunes music store you've been spending all your lunch money on. You can browse, search, preview, buy and download any song currently in the iTunes music store right on your iPod touch or iPhone.


A more curious announcement was Apple's partnership with coffee shop giant, Starbucks. When you enter a Starbucks coffee house with your iPhone or iPod touch, a new button emerges in the iTunes Wi-Fi music store menu. The Starbucks button allows you find out what is currently playing in the store plus the 10 previous tunes and purchase said music right on the spot. To sweeten the deal, Starbucks is offering free iTunes Wi-Fi service in all of their Wi-fi enabled stores for your iPod, iPhone or Apple notebook. The service will roll out to major metropolitan areas should be done by mid-2008 with the rest of the stores following in 2009.



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