iWork Gains on Office, iPods for Fire Victims and Microsoft Fires Santa

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iWork Gains on Office, iPods for Fire Victims and Microsoft Fires Santa


iWork works it: According to the NPD group, iWork has captured 16 percent of the office productivity sales on Macs. Someone should make a Keynote presentation of the news.


IPods for fire victims: Apple is donating iPod nanos to youths who lost their homes in the recent San Diego wild fires. The mastermind of the idea, Steve Boyack, emailed Steve Jobs his idea and was contacted by Apple.


Adobe unleashes Flash Media Server: Adobe dropped the Flash Server bomb on the world today. Available in two flavors, Flash Media streaming server for live and on-demand video streaming and Flash Media interactive server for scalable video streaming services and social media applications.


Bad Santa, no cookie: Microsoft's plan to offer IM chats to St. Nick backfired when the Santa-bot started discussing topics unbecoming a gift giving holiday icon. Microsoft has since pulled the Windows Messenger Live Claus and issued an apology.


Vista on MacBook Pro ad: Check out the latest Apple ad. "Yeah, dude."



Challenge your brain and ghosts: Your brain not as quick as you'd like it? Maybe the new Brain Challenge iPod game will help. If your unconcerned about the state of your brain, Ms. Pac Man is there to help overcome your fear of multi-colored ghosts.


Writers strike list: The repercussions of the WGA strike on episodic television are being documented here. Read it and weep.




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