i-XPS 250

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i-XPS 250

The i-XPS 250 has a pair of 5-watt drivers and a 15-watt subwoofer.


“What’s with the robot head?” a passerby asked, examining the i-XPS 250 sitting on the desk. It was time to whip out the iPod and place it into the i-XPS 250’s dock. “Ah, now I get it,” said the passerby, realizing that the i-XPS 250 is an iPod speaker, not the head of some grand experiment in the Mac|Life labs.


The above incident simply reinforced what we thought all along about the i-XPS 250: Its unique look will garner quizzical stares. If your décor calls for modern furnishings, perhaps even art deco stylings, then the i-XPS 250 blends right in. But if you prefer traditional décor, the i-XPS 250 will clash.


Its looks might be a moot point once you hear the i-XPS 250’s audio quality. If you love bass, you’ll like what you hear - its bass is heavy and drops strongly, without distortion. When it comes to high notes, the i-XPS 250 can’t deal, producing high notes that sound incomplete. The i-XPS 250’s strength is midrage sound, creating warm, satisfying tones. Unfortunately, there’s no way to adjust the bass and treble levels. The speaker’s 3D stereo effect creates a bigger sound - it felt like the sound was coming from a source larger than the 12.8-by-8-by-6.5-inch device.


The bottom line. The i-XPS 250 can handle most popular music and has good loudness for its size, though the pickiest audiophile will want to spend a few more dollars on a speaker that sounds more complete.

COMPANY: Hercules
CONTACT: www.hercules.com
PRICE: $119
Good bass. Warm audio quality.
No bass or treble controls. High note replication is weak.





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