Japanese Engineers Call Air Insides a "Waste," Couch Surfing with Apple TV and iPod Crisis is a Myth

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Japanese Engineers Call Air Insides a "Waste," Couch Surfing with Apple TV and iPod Crisis is a Myth


Air's inside errs: The Teardown Squad of Japanese PC Manufacturer, Nikkei Electronics, ripped apart the MacBook Air. Their take, "Can we say that the MacBook Air has a perfect, sophisticated external appearance, but its insides are full of waste?" They noted the amount of screws was several times the amount in the PC they make.


iBand: Some guys put together a band using two iPhones and a Nintendo DS as instruments. Check out their video. We smell a Kraftwerk comeback tour.


Apple TV Web Surfing: If you have a hacked Apple TV, check out Couch Surfer and never leave the couch again.


iPod sky not falling: A great article with colorful graphs and real numbers about the alleged iPod crisis that, according to pundits, will tear this universe apart.


iWeb almost wins: Jupitermedia's 2008 Products of the Year Awards named Apple's iLife app, iWeb, a runner-up in best blogging software. Google's Blogger software took home the prize and was seen getting high fives from Google Maps and Gmail.



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Reading the article seems to point to a japanese pc industry complaint against Apple using taiwanese assemble companies rather then a far "better" Japanese co. Funny how when the shoe is on the other guys foot they have complain about they're undercutting competers. With rising wages and cost to mfg. in japan we will see more of this industry sponsored "reviews" (complaints).
Having worked as a tech for years on laptops from many mfg. including apple. Complains about then number of screw and different heads and sizes are a smoke screen. I can say there is little or no evidence of the supposed feed back in the laptops coming from japan or anywhere else as to ease of service.
My last thought is just how often do they think people will need or want to service a laptop to a complete tear down stage as they did?


Former MG

Compared to other Apple portables…yes it is a mess!

What I have noticed about Apple portables are the enormous amount of screws and in some models 5 or more different sizes.

The 12" PowerBook is a nightmare to service!!!

The MacBook Air's only claim to fame is its thinness, nothing more.

You get better value from a MacBook or a MacBook Pro.



I Love The Godzilla Judging The MacBook Air. Its Funny



Wow, some other computer manufacturer that I've never heard of says they're better at designing computers than Apple. The interesting part is that if you read between the lines the MBA better-made (i.e. more screws connecting the keyboard) in a way that is more expensive than what they or any other PC maker would do. Kind of confirms what we all know about Apple products anyway.



Did you even read the article? Probably not or you would have realized that ..let me quote, "With the help of several engineers from major Japanese PC manufacturers, the Nikkei Electronics Teardown Squad broke down the MacBook Air"

There was no one "computer company that you have never heard of" in this article. So where did you come up with that line???

The engineers were focused on the idea that the design was not economical and that there are better ways to accomplish the design of the machine than to use, for instance, 30 screws to hold down the keyboard alone.



The one item they key on is "screws"? If it was so inferior, there must be more to comment about.


Walker Quine

I don't think people realize, those "extra screws" add structural integrity and strength, and that "jumper line" is the cable connecting the temperature sensor to the logic board.



Check out this MacBook Air Commercial I made. It's on YouTube at:
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Mike James

I love iWeb!

I do all my "real" web sites by hand, in TextEdit. But, the XML, including RSS feed, archiving feature, and hugely-easy assembly of Blog-style pages, was too hard to resist. I've substituted my iWeb-created site ( http://web.mac.com/mikejames/MikeJamesJazz/Welcome.html ) for the "News" page on most of my sites, and it works great.

Like most Apple apps, the best thing was that I could "just do it", without having to learn a whole new way of doing things, reading a manual, etc..




Oh man,

Godzilla always cracks me up.

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