JBL Spot

JBL Spot

Is hot pink too garish for you? JBL offers other Wrappers for their Spot, as well.


You listen to music to suit your mood, so why shouldn't your speakers reflect your mood as well? JBL's Spot speakers have interchangeable plastic shells called Wrappers that you can switch out on a whim. You get two sets of Wrappers with the Spot: one black, one white. JBL says it plans to offer Wrappers in different colors and designs, but hadn't made good on the promise at press time. We hope the company doesn't wait too long - spring is here and we're already a little bored with black and white.


The two 6-watt satellites measure 3.5 inches in diameter and use JBL's Odyssey + transducers. The 24-watt subwoofer is 8 inches in diameter and has quite a bit of oomph. For pop, rock, hip-hop, country, and other popular music, the Spot speakers sound great, producing clean, rich tone, and bass that can leave an impression. When we switched from guitar solos to string quartets and other music with classical sound elements, some of the audio clarity got lost. However, vocals sounded especially good. From the folksy sweetness of the Indigo Girls' Emily Saliers to Andrea Bocelli's powerful final verse of "Con Te Partiro," the Spot was spot on.


The volume controls sit on top of the right satellite, and they aren't typical buttons. They're touch-sensitive points that need just a brush of your finger to make an adjustment. Touching both volume controls at the same type mutes the speakers. The Spot connects to your Mac or iPod using a 3.5mm audio jack.


The bottom line. We put the Spot speakers on the spot, and they didn't disappoint.


CONTACT: www.jbl.com
PRICE: $129.95
REQUIREMENTS: Audio-out jack
Small satellites don't hog desk space. Interchangeable shells called JBL Wrappers are supercool. Smooth touch controls for volume.
We want more Wrappers!





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